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Geek Chic.

I am waiting very impatiently to get my geek-chic glasses. Sigh. It took me three tries to get a computer with working internet. I am not too happy with my report card, at least not what I know of it. So now I'm very determined to do well on every single test/quiz I have on Thursday/Friday (I think I have one in every subject except for English, where we just have minor quizzes every day, and world history, because we just had a test). (Actually, I could probably fail my French quiz and still get an A, but I'm not going to try that, because if I get a 100 I'll have a 99, which is an A+, and that would pretty much make my day.) The new Entertainment Weekly is here.

I have war wounds from French class. No kidding. I'm going to take pictures of the wound on my digital camera. (I am going to try not to mention that it's from me elbowing the corner of the filing cabinet instead of Maggie whilst we rushed up to the assignment board to erase the word "POOPIES.")

Diana on complex numbers: Oh, are these the fake ones?!

Paul: Maggie, what do you have?
Maggie: 95, you?
Paul: Oh, me too. (Paul gets upset when Maggie and I do better than him at French. Which is all the time.)
Me: I have a 98.
Paul: Well, why don't I just bake you a cookie then?
Me: Really, why don't you?

We have our first playoff game tonight against Luxemburg-Casco. L-C is not selling tickets because they hate our fans. As Genius Idea says: "They're not selling tickets because they don't want you guys there." This is so true. Last year is the only year L-C has not sent a letter to the editor about our behavior at our games against them. I'm not sure if this is just them being ridiculous or us being truly horrid, since I've never been to an NDA vs. L-C game, but the "they hate us because they think we're spoiled rich Catholic kids" has been floated around quite a few times. Nothing against anyone who goes to L-C, but NDA is a bit tired of being put under a microscope just because it's a private school.

Okay. I'm going to chill out and read EW and pretend I'm not antsy about my HOT NEW GLASSES.


Blogger Felicity Finn babbled mindlessly...

You know, you write about some fairly odd and confusing things, but I always wanna keep going. It is ca-razy stuff.

I never had geek-chic glasses? How do those look? I have only ever had the normal-nerdy kind. Damn, you are lucky.

You know, we all have our war wounds from excitement over re-re things, but that, that is oober sadness. Shame. Hope you heal right. Yay.

5:21 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Hee, sometimes it confuses me too. I wonder how I get from subject to subject, it's insanity.

And geek-chic glasses are the kind of glasses that are sort of old-style geek or librarianish and look really stylish with the right hair, wardrobe, etc. Anything with thick plastic lenses and cat's eye lenses or rectangles or other semi-shapes does the trick fairly well.

The wound does indeed appear to be healing up properly because I managed not to get soap inside of it whilst I showered tonight. It was quite the accomplishment and involved a dishtowel wrapped like a tourniquet. (I really wish I was kidding.)

6:09 PM


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