"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."



I am now deathly afraid of losing my voice. First of all, because it's terrible to lose your voice, because you sound terrible and you can't talk (::cough::Genius Idea, I am looking at you::cough::) and second of all, because Tricia lost her voice a few weeks ago and now hers cracks all the time. It worries me. Also because I hate, hate, hate it when I sound like a smoker, which sometimes happens when I drink coffee late at night/early in the morning on airplanes. So now I am taking Cough Gels, the most brilliant thing ever, and echinacea.

I'm going to be in the "About Me" section of the Lifestyle page of the Green Bay Press-Gazette next Friday. Which is exciting, but not quite as exciting because I have to have my picture taken on Monday, and that will then become my picture for my profile when I become Uber-revieweress. I hate having my picture taken by anyone who is not Aunt Lovely, or, you know, when Diana sometimes randomly takes pictures of me chastizing her dog, that's okay too. I would link you to it, but then you would know my full real name, and that would deplete me of the mystique that comes with being merely Cate. (Although my real name has been revealed/let slip quite a few times. Oh, well.)

Why was I not aware that Aimee Mann sings a version of "The Scientist"? If anyone knew this and deliberately witheld this information, I will pelt you with echinacea, the "voodoo pills" (tm Aunt Kathy). Okay. Now I'm off to make lists, which has to be the most relaxing activity ever, especially after an extremely large factoring assignment, reading Book 23 of The Odyssey, writing a matching quiz on The Odyssey involving five terms, five characters, five places, and five quotes, and dealing with this ridiculous picture of Bjork on the "Alternative" page of the iTunes music store. Sadly, the latter(est?) was the most disturbingly stressful of all of those. Auf weidersehen.


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