"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Call it like you see it.

Cate's Rules for Fabulous Grammar (stolen from the French board. See, I got 100 on my test, so I had no corrections to make, and therefore, Genius Idea was really nice and let me write grammar rules on the board. This is directly what I wrote, and what still might be up there in room 203.)

1. Do not misspell proper nouns (i.e., names, particularly your own) or leave them uncapitalized. It's just lazy.
2. When working with quotes, all punctuation is placed inside the quotation marks.
3. To make a singular noun plural, you do not under any circumstances place an apostrophe before the s. For example, the plural of "fashion" is "fashions", not "fashion's" (Conard's Fashion's for Men, I am looking at you.)
4. A lot? Two words. All right? That too. Ask Maggie about "alright". (This is Maggie: "No, really. Do that.")
5. Duct Tape is just jealous of my mad grammar-geek skills.

Pencil Case's Rules for Good Grammar (then Pencil Case decided to mock me. This is just what I wrote down before the bell rang.)
1. Chelsea hates to sew. (this included a crude picture of Chelsea with a mullet sewing.)
2. Pokemon is out.
3. Genius Idea is a natural blonde.
4. y=mx+b.
5. y=Ax(squared)+Bx+C

And now quotes.

"He's beautiful on the inside!" --Homeless Huddle on Scylla from The Odyssey

"It's like a professor's writing!" --Homeless Huddle on my handwriting

"Oops!" --BB, stabbing a knife (a REAL KNIFE) through her lunchbag

"It ain't easy for Eisey."

"[Genius Idea's last name] can't talk, so you can't talk!" -- the wipe board in the French room before I took it over. I think that was one of the second hour punks who was loitering before their first hour class.

"I thought you were eating a crayon!" --Sara in world history while Duct Tape tried to eat chocolate before the bell rang


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