"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


"You are not going to be writing checks in France."

Spent almost three days feeling nonathletic and filling up that strange space between kid and adult. All my family-friends' kiddies are so athletic. Obviously, I'm not, and I felt so old, and yet I was not old enough to be an adult. But, enough complaining, Tubing is Fun! Here lies a cumulative list of my injuries:

1. sore shoulders/neck
2. big red marks across hipbones
3. bruise on chin from hitting tube repeatedly
4. large pink marks on feet from scraping the water, since the tube was really oddly sized for me

Percent of this I am fascinated by and find hilarious: 90%. It would be 100%, but the sore shoulders are just going to be a pain on Tuesday when I have to carry my books around.

I might actually like math this year. Math is fun when your teacher is not bad-insane, and you know what's really fun when your teacher is good-insane? French class. In case the dialogue from my last post just didn't give you the right idea, here is a breakdown of our class on Friday:

1. Played Simon Says. Everyone lost.
2. Counted to a hundred, which included such gems from my teacher, who needs an alias, as this: "Oh, and this is where we got lazy and didn't want to make up new numbers" and "I am not teaching you how to spell the numbers. You are not going to be writing checks in France."
3. Named celebrities. I'm not kidding. Aliasless Teacher would hold up pictures and we would say, "He is called Freddie Prinze, Jr.!" or "She is called Reese Witherspoon!" Ashton Kutcher came up about seven times. Random Boy would shout: "He's a hottie!" Crazy Senior usurping his study hall hanging out in the French room and laughing at us goes, "I think you're a hottie, too, Sam!" (I'm not even sure that Random Boy is named Sam.) Then Aliasless Teacher was completely baffled by this hideous picture of Shane West where he seems to be tap-dancing.
4. Shelves fell. Everyone laughed maniacally.
5. All were depressed to be banished to their next class.

See? Best. Class. Ever. (Although BB's German sounds obscenely fun, too.)


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