"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Top Dog.

I am very distressed. Why, might you ask? I missed over half of French, my favorite class ever, today to listen to freshman class president speeches, which is a frustrating enough reason as it is. But, nooooo, then Alice Fox had to make it even worse by giving a big, terrible speech about what a great president she would be, and how she was "Top Dog" at Oldschool. Yeah. And then we all turned into ramen noodles from the brain shock of it all. Top dog? If she's top dog, what did that make the rest of us? Perhaps we were... I don't know. Top human beings? Anyway, this was very frustrating, and in my state of ramen noodleosity, I became very, very angry. Yes, Alice, you were student council president last year, but don't make it sound like the student body voluntarily elected you as such. And, also, you hadn't even been at our school a full damn year. BB and Larry should have been co-presidents, if this was a lovely and just world. They knew the school like their houses, and they worked very hard to try to accomplish presidency, but nooooo. BB was vice-president, yes, but Larry was de-moted to representative to the somethingalingie. Or something like that.


Anyway. I was reviewing for the eighty dozen tests I have tomorrow with La Madre, Best Quizzer Ever, after dinner and she randomly started reciting Monty Python skits. She was actually somewhat brilliant. Then Vati farted very loudly from across the house, and we laughed really hard, and I said, "Have fun in Florida, Mom" since La Madre and Vati are going to Florida this weekend.


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