"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


"Hey, Diana, do you want some corn?" --Miss BB

My parents are lunatics. They survived the hurricane, they're fine, they're testing me to see if I can survive another day with Saint Julia. I was explaining my parents' dementia to my French class this morning, and Maggie goes, "Oh, wow. I hope you don't take after them." Before that, Genius Idea sent me to go find out how old you need to be to donate blood ("Because you're good at finding stuff out."), and it was in the announcements ten seconds after my lovely hurricane story, which everyone thought was hilarious and insane. Then it occurred to me exactly how much caffeine there is in non-drowsy ("That's the non-drowsy part!" --Maggie) Sudafed, and on top of two cups of coffee? I thought I might be the first person to die of a caffeine overdose.

Oh, then Toe Touch was sick, so Adult Hermione was our theology sub today, which was very cool, since she basically let us have a study hall, so I had a study hall at the end of my morning classes and one at the end of my afternoon classes. During my afternoon real study hall, I went up to French to continue correcting my test (94.9, go me!) during Twinnish's Honors French III class (yay!). This event took me much longer than I had expected because Genius Idea and Sam were arguing. See, Sam was supposed to give his presentation today, but he didn't know that because someone else wrote him down for Monday, and he couldn't give it because he needed a laptop since it was a Power Point presentation. Genius Idea was Not Happy, since Sam could have seen the sheet and known his presentation was for today. Then Sam goes, "I don't know! Maybe she thought it was funny, but it's not!" And Genius Idea goes, "I know it's not funny, Sam!" This little exchange started Twinnish and I in on a long chain of laughter, hence it taking me almost fifteen minutes to find the answers to questions 58 and 59 in my textbook.

My English grade is so, so lovely. I just got 100 on my quiz-ish thingummy (we had to memorize all the terrible grammar of "I'm Nobody! Who are you?" over the weekend and be able to write it on command), and I have an A on my first paper. And I understand algebra!

And for those of you who don't understand who I'm talking about on my blog, go here and it will explain it all eventually. Right now it just explains my friends, but soon family members and random people I mention often will be added.


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