"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."



French and lunch are the best part of my day, for real. During lunch, Diana was trying to open her banana in the most demented way I've ever seen, and BB just cracks hers right open and starts eating it, and then laughs at Diana, who goes, "Maybe I've got a hard one." Which made us laugh like nine-year-old boys. Heeee. We're so mature. That was pretty much the highlight of my day, except for Angie's just-now confession that she helped a stripper pick out makeup today. Don't ask. I didn't.

And, of course, French. Insanity. Here's a rough transcript:

[announcements and shit. The pledge card comes up.]

Me: Yeah, we're never going to get a Krispy Kreme party! Because we didn't get a pledge check on Friday!
Genius Idea: Well, you guys should have told me!
Chelsea: I'm not a teacher! It's not my job to remember pledge checks!
Genius Idea: Well, fine then, we'll have a pledge check now. Show me your pledge cards, the money, ha, show me the money!

[then we're forced to split up into two groups. Maggie, Chelsea, and I were all put in the same group, not a good idea. Then we were forced to go up to the board and answer questions about our pronouns and our verb forms, even better. Noname is called up and gets the completely wrong answer.]

Noname: Are you sure that's not an answer?
Genius Idea: Hmmm... lemmethinkaboutthatoneNO.

[I go up and also get completely the wrong answer, but only because Maggie before me spelled it wrong. Genius Idea starts making these odd singing noises at me. Eventually I get it right, after about two minutes. Chelsea has to go up after me.]

Me: Don't get it wrong. She makes singing noises at you.

[Now it's wipe-board time, always a blast. First I had to fetch markers for Maggie and Duct Tape. I toss Duct Tape her marker and it ends up in Pencil Case's shirt collar, don't ask. Then some members of our group have a few issues writing down "avoir" quickly.]

Genius Idea: Why are you guys being so pokey? Come on, you're writing one word! It shouldn't take you this long. (It might sound like Genius Idea was crabby, but she was actually in a very good mood and just wanted to make fun of us.)
Me, not being pokey but being (equally) sassy: I'm not being pokey! Stop chastizing me! (Everyone laughs.)

See? Best class ever. We get to say funny words and make fun of each other and be made fun of and make smart-assed comments at each other and throw markers while learning. Insane. Really, I've discovered that it wakes me up so well that I can cut my coffee consumption in half. (Unless we have the vanilla caramel creamer, then it's impossible to not have at least two cups.)


Blogger Nick babbled mindlessly...

thatis funny shit, lol :P i liked it a lot, ya got some potential *wink*... lol

cool blog, i dig it chica..

check out mine:

i'm afraid mine isnt as fun and upbeat as yours, but, i'm getting there!!! :P

9:12 PM

Blogger Just Roy babbled mindlessly...

Hello Cate-
I apologize that I haven't visited your blog lately. It's looking nice, though.

I really must meet this Genius Idea. If I visit.

4:23 PM

Blogger mai babbled mindlessly...

Hahaha, BB's icon is a banana. Heeeeeeeeeeeee.

8:57 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Thanks for your comments, you guys.

And Roy, maybe you could meet Genius Idea if you-- haha, this is going to sound stupid-- shadow me the next time you come up! Hee.

8:23 AM

Blogger Just Roy babbled mindlessly...

That would actually be very cool. I could hang out with you all. In the flesh.

6:35 PM


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