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Fashion Snark Episode Two: The Real Emmys

Laura Linney looks way pretty, and I'm so thrilled that she won best guest-starring actress. I love her.

Patricia Heaton looks like a rave vomited on her. Oh, well, she probably deserved it.

Jessica Walter apparently dresses just like Lucille Bluth in real life. This isn't so bad, she just looks so out of place without Buster and a cocktail.

Ananda Lewis is not dead. She is going to let us in on this fact by wearing the most flourescent dress ever designed.

Jorja Fox's dress can be bought at any Younkers in the U.S. for fifty bucks or less, not kidding.

Bonnie Hunt looks very pretty again.

Gee, Tyne Daly, could you look a little less happy to be here?

Who is this evidently-murderous whore?

I don't like her hair, but Allison Janney's dress looks gorgeous, and, as BB noted, it's probably because she's so tall. And I didn't think she'd win, and apparently she didn't either, judging by the look on her face and her speech, all of which I loved.

Mischa Barton's dress would look better on someone who is not built like a meterstick.

Amber Tamblyn looks fabulous. I love the color of that dress on her.

Jane Kaczmarek, I adore your acting, but you look terrible. And since I can only echo what the brilliant Fug Blog says, go check out what they had to say about her. (Cate struggles to find a way to work "She starved herself a neck ukelele" into everyday discussion.)

Barbra Streisand in what appears to be the most hideous muumuu I have ever seen. And to think I used to believe all muumuus were equally hideous.

Sarah Jessica Parker, wearing a basic variation on the same dress she's worn all year, pretty much. Her hair and makeup look terrible, also.

Edie Falco looks absolutely terrible. I have no words for that dress.

That's all for the Emmys. I'm going to publish this, and then publish a post about my day and how much Alice Fox manages to agitate me.


Blogger mai babbled mindlessly...

Mischa Barton's dress would look great on someone like, say, Queen Latifah.

I think the name Ananda means infinity, too. Irony.

Allison Janney, cool as she may be, has hair that looks like it was once attached to the head of some shipwrecked vacationer and was left to decompose, leaving only the scalp.

And as I said, That Muderous Whore looks like she's wearing corn husks.

Amber Tamblyn is my new favorite.

6:10 AM


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