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Good News/Bad News

I'm doing the bad news first, because it's shorter: our family condo on Marco Island, near Ft. Meyers, had no damage (yay, except that it would have been really nice if that palm tree had blown over. Angie, you know the one I speak of), but my mom's boss' family's condo (they were family friends before they were co-workers), on Boca Grande in Port Charlotte didn't survive so well. Basically, the roof is torn off, there is standing water in every room, and they have to strip it down to the concrete walls and start over. They just remodeled a few months ago, and all their interior stuff is screwed. I know it sounds very, very WASPy complaining about this, but think nice thoughts for them, okay? I know, we shouldn't be complaining about our second houses when some people don't have any, but it's still hard, and if you want to tell me that I have no virtues or whatever, feel free to shove it. I'm complaining on behalf of others, at least.

Good news is much longer, thank god. I'm back from my vacation (rafting sucked because the water was too low), Vati bought a TV upon discovering that there was not one in our room in the lodge (as my mother said, in shock, "You bought. A fricking. TV?" and we couldn't even get any channels anyway), and there was a hot tub. Also, the US women's gymnastics team is doing well at the Olympics, so snaps for them (and for Romania, except they need to stop being so good and making me like them.) No snaps for Svetlana WHOREkina, especially not because she possed for Russia's Playboy and is too thin and frightens me. The OC first season DVD set is 20 dollars less at amazon.com, so I'm preordering them the second my mom's credit card is available to me. Snaps for Amazon. And snaps for incoherent, rambly paragraphs, and yay because I get to sit in the indoor club seats at tonight's Packer game, because my dad has a nice boss.

I'm pretty spoiled, at least today, so ubersnaps for that.


Blogger diana babbled mindlessly...

I'm so spoiled it's not even funny. Thank God our condo's that we rent out in Orlando are fine. My mom was freaking out because after the last hurricane hit, we couldn't get insurance, and we never did. But it's fine so everything's good. And I feel really bad for that other family, that really sucks. I love Carly and I just love gymnastics in general, except for THE WHORE because she is just an awful loser.

11:35 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Yeah. You are fairly spoiled, but you don't act spoiled. Thank the lord.

11:12 PM


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