"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Tijuana Donkey Parades: Quotes from H-Ville

First off, I have to say that we completely abused, "He nice, the Jesus. He die on two... morsels of wood for us" this weekend, and we have David Sedaris to thank for that. But, other than that:

Diana, on what her mother said when she broke a nail: (whispery voice) "Damn! I f*cked it up!"

Diana, on Hoggie, her dog: I just want to beat him to death!

(The next two are from our rabid Taboo session, which DI AND I KICKED ASS AT!)

Di's Mom: I used to be one of these.
Betty Jean: Um, a cheerleader?

Di: They have a lot of these, down in the place with the caliente food.
Me, thinking that "caliente" is the same thing as "Cajun": Um, bayous?
Di: No! Lower!
Me: Tijuana donkey parades?

And, can I just say that I completely didn't see Annia Hatch coming? Holy frick, that came out of nowhere. But I shouldn't talk. I wasn't at Camp Karolyi, and my gymnastics critiques go as far as "That was pretty" or "That was ugly as sin". And, BB is right: Chellsie Memmel's bars are awesome, so why is she only an alternate? Argh. Although I really enjoyed what I saw of Mohini Bhardwaj, also, and Carly Patterson. (I really have no right to talk about this, do I?)


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