"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Dress Your Kitties in Corduroy and Denim

There is a shiny new copy of the shiny new David Sedaris book on the table next to me. I think it is Mummy's and, therefore, I'm trying very, very hard not to reach out and start reading it voraciously. It's causing me physical pain. Plus, I'm sure Vati will take it with him whilst he's gone for the next week, that bungler. Although I'm not sure if Vati really "gets" David Sedaris. It's not his sort of humor, really; so I'm going to guess it's Mummy's.

(Talking about Fake Sick's Camelback, a backpack drinking contraption:)
Vati: There was a kiddie (sounded exactly like "kitty") version inside of it, too.
Me: Kiddie, as in, cats?
(Mummy and I crack up.)


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