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BB! In the Newspaper!

I'm going to copy this in. It's not my writing, it's from this newspaper-- you can visit the site, but consider yourself warned, it's not much. (I've been in that newspaper for Irish dancing, but they just showed a picture of my feet. That might not have been mine. And, yes, I Irish dance.) It's about BB being the kick-assiest gymnast ever.

"[BB's real name], a 14-year-old and level 9 gymnast, will be making her fourth trip to nationals. A seven-year veteran of the gymnastics program, [BB] is looking forwared to this year's met more than past competitions because an injury caused her to miss last year's nationals.

"'It's really nice (being able to perform this year)," she said. "Last year, I broke my hand, so I couldn't compete. I just want to do my best.'

(Here, Cate feels urged to add that BB's best is the kick-assiest best she's ever seen, and she's just telling you this because BB's humble little self [tm Angie] won't. Anyway, continuing on:)

"[BB's mom, who we shall call Julie Andrews], [BB]'s mother, helps with different aspects of the program, such as running publicity and working as a representative for the upper levels.

"[Julie Andrews] says that the friendships on the team are one of the reasons the girls compete so well together.

"'They are really supportive of each other,' she said. 'They've known each other for so long.'"

Then, there is a very cool picture of BB kicking ass on bars. So, BB, on behalf of the Mr. Wilcox, I am Demented team (which is only me, but whatever), we would like to say: Good luck and kick all the ass you can.

And, on a less uplifting note, BB, you can come pick up Return to Me whenever you want.


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