"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Shut Up, Shut Up, SHUT UP!

The title works best if you say it in Lorraine Bracco's voice, a la Riding in Cars with Boys, the last movie in recent memory that I liked Brittany Murphy in (along with Drop Dea Gorgeous and Clueless.)

I made some Reese Witherspoon icons up on the LJ. They're pretty good, probably the best I've made so far.

Buttface is feeling much better. He can now walk on crutches and has, evidently, been watching a lot of Lord of the Rings.

::sigh::. I leave for Alaska tomorrow night. I shall miss you all dearly. I won't see Franny for almost a month, and this is the longest BB and I have ever been separated.


Blogger Franny B babbled mindlessly...

Hey Cate.. Thanks so much for having a blog because if it wasnt for you i wouldnt have one!! I am really going to miss you!! and if you don't come over during the time when i am in bed i will really hurt you! Well, i have to go, but i need to ask you about how i can write in my blog because i can't figure it out! Well bye! LYLAS!! Smooches

3:51 PM

Blogger Franny B babbled mindlessly...

Cate it's me again.. you better put me in your profile that explains you ! Franny

3:53 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

I will only put you in there after you stop flagrantly using my real first name. I know it needs some fixing up at the moment. I just don't actually feel like fixing it.

6:59 PM


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