"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


The Official Graduation Post

I am a high-schooler, a ninth grader, a freshman, whatever you want to call me. I wore a very pretty black dress and my feet hurt from dancing so much (I've heard that I am a "party animal" and that "I got some moves.") BB and I got to sit next to each other for the dinner, between Larry and Buttface (more about him later), which was quite a bit of fun. Except for the bit with the picture of BB and I dressed up as Teletubbies.

Anyway. BB is now in Florida and I will not see her for nineteen days. Angie made me the nicest mix CD ever with the nicest liner notes and made me cry. And Buttface dislocated his hipbone and his flexure tendon(s?) and can't move for three weeks. He's big-time knocked out with Vicodin, so Betty Jean and Franny and I are making him a care package. So I'm making him a mix CD of songs that make people feel better and burning him a copy of my School of Rock soundtrack. If anyone has any contributions they would like to make to the mix CD, speak up.

And, my favorite quote of all of last night:
Larry: (discussing a picture of Pegasus climbing a rope in a gym) Nice pole dancing.

We also got these very nice things saying what our teachers and classmates said about us. I feel obliged to post mine here, because it's all very true, so here goes: theatrical, sense of humor, diligent, talkative, excellent writer (I have a feeling that was our language arts teacher), comical, studious work habits, informative, a girl with a mission. Damn straight, yo.

I can't actually believe that I'm on summer vacation. And that people actually think a good way to solve an issue with another person is to ask me about it over AIM.


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hee. thanks for the reference, yo. also, can you please burn me a copy of the School Of Rock soundtrack too? that would be mighty fine.

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