"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Nervous Pervous

Oh, God. I have twenty-four-and-a-half hours to worry about this, and I have already started. God.

I hate take-offs. They are horrible and stupid and make me unbelievably nervous. I am fine being in the air, although it takes me ten minutes to recover from take-off, and I love landing (except at Chicago O'Hare. Actually, I hate that airport in general. It doesn't do anything to help minimize my stress except sell a lot of magazines. And, alas, where do we leave from? Chicago O'Hare.) It's not that I don't want to go on the trip, it's that I really, really desperately do not want to take-off. I don't know what I'm going to do about this. Usually I am seated next to my mother (who just hates flying in general and insists that the only good part is when they have wine) or my father (who isn't necessarily sympathetic, but he tries very hard to talk me through it.) You know who should sit next to me? John Cusack. Then he can give me Lloyd Dobler's airplane speech, and I will be fine. Perhaps I will just read something as we take off and try to ignore the fact that we are. Does anyone have any methods of take-off combat? Because now is a very, very good time to share them.


Blogger Afarin babbled mindlessly...

Unfortunately, I have no tips on dealing with this phobia. (I am not a big fan of take-offs either, but that's mostly because they always leave me feeling a little sick.) But I hope it's not as scary/horrible as you are anticipating it to be. Just try not to think about it too much, that often helps me when I'm nervous about something. *shrug* That's all I've got, man.

And have a great trip! :)

3:11 PM

Blogger Beej babbled mindlessly...

Ah-hah. You don't even know me. Uh...my name is Ben. I live in Colorado. I was looking randomly through blog profiles for Rasing Arizona, and saw your blog. Nifty. My cure for air-phobia? Grip your armrests real tight, look nervous, and scream, "WE'RE ALL GOING TO FUCKING DIE FROM A FUCKING CRASH OR A FUCKING TERRORIST!" or other random obscenities. Good fun, good way to not have to fly.



11:52 PM

Blogger BB babbled mindlessly...

Cate, I really miss you. I haven't seen you for such a long time. I hope you are having fun in Alaska. Can't wait to talk to you until you get back. Smooches!

9:00 AM

Blogger Just Roy babbled mindlessly...

yo... it seems many await your arrival. hee. hope all was well.

10:05 AM

Blogger BB babbled mindlessly...


10:56 AM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Hello hello. I'm not home yet, but I should be in a few hours. I am uberexcited to see you all. (Especially BB. Damn, girl, I missed you big time.)

And I no longer hate take-offs, thanks to Entertainment Weekly's Must List. (With Kirsten Cohen! And Mary-Louise Parker! And Julianne Moore and Dominic West! And Modest Mouse!)

1:54 PM


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