"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


[Insert Boring Title to Match Boring Day Here]

Princess Di has joined the workforce, so wish her luck.

Anyway, here is a brief synopsis of the remotely interesting parts of my day:

Science- Got to play with dry ice in film canisters and balloons and got to make carbon dioxide bubbles. It was very, very fun, almost better than blowing up hydrogen balloons and making little puffs of fire yesterday.

Grammar- Listened to the crop dust planes flying overhead. Yes, we got crop dusted. Well, not us, but our nice little suburban community did.

Music- Music sucks. And we never got to sing "We Are the Champions" like I wanted because we had Mrs. Gibbles (the sub who chastized me for saying "son of a bitch"). Found out that Mrs. Gibbles knew/knows Auntie Silence from high school. She said she went to the girls' catholic high school in our city, so everyone was asking if she knew their moms and whatnot, and I asked if she knew Auntie Silence (largely to tell Angie) and she did. So, that is for Angie.

Got screamed at over lunch break, courtesy of Roz (sorry, Angie's Roz, if you are reading this, but she sounds exactly like Roz in Monsters, Inc., hence the nickname.) BB and I were not aware that it was indoor recess; then we went in the gym after we had been shunned inside. And apparently we should not have been in there, either. So we ran upstairs and got yelled at for running. Roz is so frightening. I wanted to curl up in the fetal position in a corner and shield my eyes.

Found out Mummy hadn't ordered yearbooks and got home and yelled at her, so she's managed to get me one.

That was all rather boring. I should probably have just told the concrete story, which I keep meaning to tell but I keep forgetting. This is not unusual for me.


Blogger exile babbled mindlessly...

High school sucks, in case you didn't realize it. Chastized by morons (teachers) and taught useless information it seems like it's taking forever. when you graduate you feel accomplishment, until you realize that you now have a life that you must create, design, and maintain. College is way different from anything you've done in regards to school, it's acctually kinda fun. I've been where you are, and I am where I am... needless to say i miss the days that dry ice was science. of course High School still blew monkey balls and I'm glad I'll never have to do it again.


4:42 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Hey, thanks for your comments.

We're basically doing all this chemical reaction stuff because our teacher realized that she finished the last unit too early and has nothing else to do with us.

I'm actually looking forward to high school, even though I've been warned numerous times by my parental units that it is Social Hell, because I've been at the same school with the same people for ten years (a year of preschool, one of kindergarten, and first through eighth grade), so I'm really very excited to be leaving.

7:33 PM


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