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Float On

"Float On" by Modest Mouse is an excellent song. Also, if you are reading this and watching your telly, turn on Lifetime, as there is an excellently awful movie involving Tracey Gold and Kirsten Cohen playing an ex-stripper. It is, as I said, excellently awful. And I wish someone (i.e., Princess Di) would come online.

Oh, yes. The trip. The Jelly Belly Factory, etc.

Okay. Bus ride. Watched The Princess Bride. Discovered that Holicia cannot keep track of a plotline and that "Wuv, twoo wuv" has to be my favorite line of that whole movie. This is when I was introduced to "Float On" by Buttface, who, with the exception of his Neil Young addiction, has excellent musical tastes.

Then, Jelly Belly Factory, which was just an obscene amount of fun. Angie, I picked up your frelling margarita Jelly Bellies and Hello Kitty isn't letting me check my e-mail. I'd tell you to re-send it to my AOL address, but it hasn't been letting me get e-mail as of late. Try my Yahoo account, that one might still be functioning. Anyway, I had my picture taken by a picture of Margaret Thatcher constructed entirely of jelly beans. We were depressed because we could not take pictures of the Princess Diana one for Princess Di. It was unendingly disheartening. But I raided the gift shop quite well despite that small bout of depression, and the funny paper hats and riding the train helped quite a lot.

Then, hotel. It was quite a nice hotel. Big pool, played lots of free ping pong and volleyball. Small rooms, though, and insensitive bitchy whores threw a party ("party," a word which usually intones fun, is used loosely, as this "party" was a bunch of wet middle schoolers standing around and watching ESPN and infomercials) and let other people inconsiderately throw other people's things, such as lingerie, on the floor. And, yet, BB and Betty Jean still were not allowed a room change.

Oh, yes, and also the band competition, which was the point we were there. Jazz band did excellent, won first with a superior (The Best) and a Judges' Choice awards but took home no solo awards (which is depressing, because Emma deserved one for her excellent keyboarding skills). Concert band, which I am a very bad part of, did okay, with an excellent (Still Pretty Good) rating at fourth place. Fifth grade band, which is not a very good band at all (sorry, fifth graders, but you have waaaaaay too many trumpets so then the woodwinds have to play waaaaaaay too loud), took second out of two bands with excellent. Which was a bit saddening because it's our director's last year and we wanted to do better for him.

Also, Six Flags on Saturday. We did the Roaring Rapids ride twice in a row and were wet and cold and still having an unbelievable amount of fun. Got to participate in a Mardi Gras parade and dubbed ourself the MGMs, Mardi Gras Mamas. Then we became the MGMSs, the Mardi Gras Mama Screamers. Paid way too much for food, except for the food which Jane (Larry's hilarious mom) smuggled in and the funnel cake, which was paid for by another very nice chaperone.

I know I should have just made this a LiveJournal entry, as it's so long, but also, funny things we said:

Katie: My sister can make funnel cake.
Jane: I bet it's really funnel!

Larry: Hey, Cate, do you have a Teen People or a Seventeen I could borrow? (Cate stares blankly.) I was kidding.
Cate: I gathered that.

Ms. Not So Type-A Perfect As I Had Originally Thought: Piss butts!


Blogger mai babbled mindlessly...

i missed you, my mardi gras mama screamer, yo.

oh my. i hate neil young. i think that five for fighting were trying to channel him when they wrote/performed/yadayada'ed 100 Years. Yuck.

if sanriotown isn't letting you in, try going on hellokitty.com and then taking the sanriowave link. that is usually helpful.

hahaha. Tell larry he rocks. And tell him to go onto gurl.com, most likely the most hilarious just-for-girls-media since Dream Boy by Ann Reit.

i have a story idea. it will most likely involve your wonderful/prodigous screenwriting talents, my genius for bossing people around and painting and making up stuff, and a couple of fake drivers liscenses. and a camcorder. although i am still very vaugue as far as this story idea. and it seems to have some limitations put upon it.

i watched Dirty dancing. it is on my 10 best movies of all time list.
thanks for the margarita jelly beans.

7:21 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Does this mean we are making a film? And, if so, can we play "Float On" during it? And will I get in trouble? I don't want to be grounded all summer. I am good at conceiving stories. Perhaps we could just steal a bumper cart from Bay Beach or a golf cart or something. Or we could just tape me playing with Oliver and J-Dawg. I think that would be rather amusing.

7:30 PM

Blogger mai babbled mindlessly...

I've never heard "Float On" but i respect your musical taste, yo. and i don't think you will get in trouble. then again, i seem to habitually underestimate your dad's definition of 'trouble' so go figure.
i left the plotline on a comment on me blog. i don't know how it will work out. but a blooper reel sounds like fun. and then we should make a movie diary of our summers. fun, fun. with lots of shots of olver and j-dawg. actually, how about a cat circus? just like the bug circus in a bug's life and the mouse circus in The Witches. hahaha.

7:42 PM


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