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Cate Reviews 'Raising Helen'

Yes, I have been to the theater again. We were going to do the fireworks at the pier, but it rained, so BB, Betty Jean, Franny, Laurana and I went to see Raising Helen. So here is my review. Hopefully the bulleting won't go insane again.


  • JOAN CUSACK!!! She is just the best and made it totally worth the eight dollars (and the four dollars for a cherry-blue raspberry swirled Icee). She makes every line a million times funnier. "If you so much as blink in her direction, I will bury you so far down that the heat from the Earth's core will incarcerate your sorry ass." is now going in my AIM profile.

  • Liked

  • It really was a very cute movie in general.

  • DEVO HATS!! "WHIP IT"!!!

  • Just Okay

  • Abigail Breslin got really annoying after a few seconds.

  • The movie got a bit preachy, too. And it wasn't all that well-written.

  • Hated

  • Stupid Kate Hudson and her stupid wardrobe of poop brown bathrobes used as shirts. AND UGGS. God, I hate those boots.

  • And, in non-cinematic affairs, we had the morons who work at the theater emptying trash very loudly and jumping over things behind us, and someone made a very random moaning sound, to which BB and I lost our shit to, and Betty Jean didn't even hear it. She thought we were laughing at this really lame line in the movie because we were crying. It was great.


    Blogger BB babbled mindlessly...

    I love you recap on Raising Helen. It was very good and very accurate. Hee, I have the giggles yet again.

    10:22 PM

    Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

    Well, I am glad that you were pleased with my review. I pimped your excellent blog, by the way.

    10:39 AM


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