"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Happy Dance, Happy Dance, Cate Loves to do the Happy Dance!

And BB was probably the only person who understood that title.

So, anyway. Good news for my day:

  • Oliver Beene is coming back! And BB will also understand my excitement! This means that, although I'm still writing my Sad Letter to Charlotte Beene, I'm a bit leses distraught.

  • I found out that not only is Holly Hunter "slightly demented" in The Big White, her character also has Tourette's. For some reason, this makes me very, very happy. Since I am a very mean person, Tourette's makes me laugh quite a lot. And since I also like Holly Hunter quite a lot, she's one of the few actors I'm going to let run away with letting me laugh at faked Tourette's. Oh, I hope it's the kind of Tourette's that makes her shout random swear words.

  • Angie is back! And she's bringing me a copy of her Texas Greatest Hits CD!

  • Diana has a blog! I must pimp. It is my rightful duty to pimp Diana's blog. Diana's Pimplicious Blog!

  • Anyway. My next entry will either be about the dog named Poop, shouting "FOOL!" at complete strangers in ShopKo who I mistake for my mother, or it will be my newspaper entry and be about both of these things. Unless something interesting happens before I actually act out my plan to write that entry.


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