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Cate Leads a Turmoiled Relationship with her iTunes

I am a crossword puzzle addict. I don't try to be, it just happens. I am Anne Bancroft in Home for the Holidays without the wigs, that is how addicted I am. My mother bought me this book of movie crosswords, and I'm so bad at them, and, yet, it's an addiction. It's like crack, except I'm sure it is very difficult to be bad at doing drugs.

Anyway, I have two of my free iTunes songs left to buy. Does anyone have any recommendations? I suppose, in saying that, I should tell you what I like... Suzanne Vega, Cake, Wilco, P.J. Harvey, Garbage, the Shins, pre-sellout Liz Phair, Badly Drawn Boy, Elliott Smith, Stephin Merritt, Queen, Texas, Her Space Holiday, Jeff Buckley, Gemma Hayes, the Decemberists, Jane's Addiction, Air, the Cranberries, the Flaming Lips, the Pixies, Phantom Planet, Nick Drake, Aimee Mann, Weezer, Mazzy Star, Sam Phillips (the woman, the one who is still alive) Imperial Teen and, as Franny B. so aptly deems it, "Music That Is Not Played on the Radio." I hope that list was sufficient enough that all these people who read this can COMMENT and RECOMMEND (hint, hint). It was just off the top of my head, there's much more.

When I am rich and famous, I am buying my stupid school twenty-five matching copies of Johnny Tremain. I have not even read that book (and can't imagine liking it) and I don't like my school, but we have seven different styles of copies of that frickin' book. It irks me to no extent.


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