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Cate at Newspaper on Annie's Birthday

Wow. I'm sure you missed my Cate-at-Newspaper entry last Wednesday, so here is one that will hopefully be quite long to make up for it.

I am very upset with these arseheads who pieced together this issue of the newspaper. My article inexplicably stops mid-sentence and I am none too thrilled about this fact. I suppose our readers will just have to take this as a "To Be Continued," not that we're getting another issue out before I graduate. The supervisor is not taking my complaints very seriously. Jeebus.

Now we are discussing fudging letters to the advice column, because our ones so far have been things like "my parents are getting Divorced what do i do!" written by a boy in our class whose parents will never get divorced because they are probably bonded by sheer insanity. Betty has started to refer to said boy's parents on a first-name basis, which was hysterical.

Annie, Betty's sister, is walking around in her mother's teal bathroom, which has been the highlight of my day thus far. Happy birthday, Annie!

Anyway. I hope that was interesting enough to feed your insatiable urge for Cate-in-Newspaper entries that I could not feed last week.


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