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Catherine's Future Oscar Gowns

Okay. I saw this dress today, thanks to a Fametracker, and I decided it would have been my Future Oscar Gown had it not: a) been worn already by someone else or b) been strapless, as I have nothing to keep that up.

So now I am looking for Future Oscar Gowns for when I have to go up and give my Witty Acceptance Speech. And not having much luck. And I have no idea how to title my links, so now they look rather ugly. I hate ugly URLs. So here is my list:
1. The Aforementioned Purloined Gown.
2. I hate to be stereotypical, but just about anything in Vera Wang's spring collection, which you can view on . Those are pretty fracking dresses. I especially like the green one at the end of the spring collection. I wish I looked good in green, as opposed to looking like I have leukemia. Perhaps I could special-order it in black.
3. Okay. Am scouring Alexander McQueen for something I could actually pull off. Not succeeding. Wow. Most of this is quite eccentric and a bit foofy for someone who is only 5'1". So now I'm looking at Armani and Fametrackering. Nothing is striking me as awards showsy, and I'm tired. So when I go up to accept my award, looking like Sofia Coppola dressed in some random black dress (except I will be so very unceremoniously wearing red shoes) that looks terrible on me, you will know why: I have Clothing ADD. And Restless Leg Disease.


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